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Nutcracker? What’s that? Mt. Olympus, NZ – 08/15/03

The Location: Mt. Olympus is a little gem on the South Island, via a good couple hours from Christchurch. I cannot even remember how long it took to get there…

The Date: Aug. 15th, 2003.

The Players: 666, Pentium, Sheepdog, Woody, Brownie, and Alex and Kris of Kingswood skis.

The Conditions: Low snow year and wind affection.

Music: Spirit – ‘Inside Out’

The lowest tow (nutcracker) and parking lot. Some nice goods to hike to up above…pics to follow below.

And a little to the right…

The Upper Hut – you can stay up on the hill, or at the bottom below the lowest tow on the access road. Woody with his 2003 "hottest haircut"

The upper terrain and bowls…

The summit in the distance. You can boot up to the summit and ski either the bowl (in the sun) or the south facing chutes.

C’mon…doesn’t this look fun? The upper hut is there on the right, and the lower hut is down the valley where the snow disappears.

666 below the summit…

The snow was a tad grabby….

Alex finds an open face….

To test thiose proto Kingswoods….

Kris gives this chute a go….

Carving the South Eastern face…

….just a little hike for the good snow 🙂

Woody skiing from the top of the bowl in the first pic above….

and finds a pocket of PWDR!

I followed but everyone ditched me for Speights, so here’s a shot to the west of raw New Zealand.

And the bottom hut….warm and toasty.

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