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North Facing was Grrrreat at Da’ Wood – 03/12/05

With all the hot temps, I expected severe crap up there…but Kirkwood once again shined with the high elevation. Skied bell-to bell on Saturday, north facing was great, and the other aspects smoothed out nicely by 1:00 pm. The superpipe was better on Sunday. The top half of all the groomers were pretty much mid-winter hard packed powder…ie the Wall and Sentinel were magical for a groomer nerd like myself.

Music: Dbridge – Twillight

I wanted to head out to California chutes off the backside to ski some gnarish line to make my weekend feel complete…so I hit the sliver on lookers right of the main chute…

Looking south off the top of Cali-chutes….looks fun to me

I really hate chutes…

Why did KW put in an ice-rink to not use it as an ice-rink??????

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