Slay The Gnar

Documentary of Casey Cane
Taming the Matterhorn of the Midwest, Wilmot, WI – 12/30/08

Taming the Matterhorn of the Midwest, Wilmot, WI – 12/30/08


December 30th, 2008


The heap….around 200ft of vertical…


Sunny, highs in the 30s…no wind…actually quite perfect.

Chicagoland skiers:

Uncle666, cloned twin nieces Hannah & Julia

Extreme Event Collectors :

666, Hannah

Music: Johnny L – Piper (dnb hotness from 1997)


Uncle666 takes his nieces to the slopes of the Illinois/Wisconsin border. The rental process was daunting, the first couple runs were a nightmare, but by run #3, we were kicking some serious carving ass.


On the way to Starbucks….

Hmmmm, no new snow overnight…but there’s a frozen substance on the ground, so there’s hope…

Excitement about slaying the Midwest gnar gnar = priceless!

Time to start the youngsters on coffee….

The mountain range…

Yay! A Ski Field!


Looking groomerific!

I think, yep, I’ll demo some of these….

Nobody told me this place was in Carve City!

First run…..lets just say they aren’t the only ones tired…

Julia goes for the land speed record of the day…

Of course, she doesn’t hold back showing me her patented ‘switch schmear’….

Hannah utilizing the pitch to get some faceshots….

Hey Zbo look at us!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uncle666, I’ve totally got this, get away from me…

Sorry, my bad Ms. Janica Kostelic….

Not a bad place to learn….

The sidecountry gates were closed today due to Avalanche danger…

One more run before we eat….

Go on kids, get whatever you want. Who’s your favorite uncle?……