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South Shore Storm Super Pics – 01/12/05

With road issues standard from the last couple of days…we made it. Arty, Hop (who seems to haved moved to Tahoe), Nick (Non WWW), and of course Hardrider, and myself in appearance.

The roads went from dry to pow to dry to flat light to sun from South Lake to Kirkwood. About 6 inches new which felt more like a foot. Flat light and *surprise* some strong gusts on the ridges, we bombed some fast smooth pow on chair 6 and then got 3rd chair on the wall….fast pow and some 15-20 fters, we ski the wall for the rest of the day, find some nice lines and pow on Norm's Nose until we were trapped on the wall chair for about 15 minutes in a winter hurricane….and dumping snow. This is where Hop stated "by far the most fun I've had all day." After lowering our body temps by 50 F we bagged it….here's for tomorrow.


Here's some pics…..and yes, Hop became photo-slut today.

Hop making a "Tele-turn":

Hop airing in Oops:

Check out his sponsors:


Hop's only trick:

Hardrider in the pow:

Hop diggin' in:

Hardrider trying to find the chute:

Best friends:

So it hasn’t snowed this much, this fast in 88 years…so I figure you guys want to see what it looks like. These pics are from Heavenly on the 11th, and Kirkwood on the 12th.

11th – 2 1/2 feet of dry pow and some sun poking through but Carson Pass closed all day, so all of us roll to the Heave. Gimpy, Mrs. Gimpy, Hardrider, 666, Arty, Geoff, hop (of course), and HASKINS.

We roll into the trees off of the tram….nice foot and half of fluff. Then rolled into Motts for a couple hours…skiing lines over the granite boulders off of Ernies. Hop and I hit every line possible, most I’ve never skied before. Killebrew didn’t open but it would have been epic if it did. We then skied firebreak straight into Harrah’s….first time for me, and one of the longest consistent run I’ve skied in Tahoe….erie with the burned trees but the untracked made up for that. I split up with the group, hit Maggies bowl to far skier’s left of Gunbarrel and skied OB all the way to the parking lot…untracked fluffy goodness at lake level…not an everyday occurrence.

Lph’s road:

Best friends:

Unknown Lake:

This guy taking a leak:

Carson Valley, Nevada:

My first run in Motts….super cold, light, fluffy, steep tree skiing…mmmmm

Hop and his roommate from San Fran:

Motts East facing:

Some of Motts North facing:


Dude in red jacket:

Nevada proper:

Hop….hopping over granite…still in Motts. This section was so good, I can’t even begin to explain. All these granite rocks air into steep trees, so you need to be on your game…its hard to judge the angle in here due to the north facing shade, but its schweet!

Hop in another line from above:

Hop in yet another different line:


Firebreak….with condensation on the lens:

So now the total bluebird day. Its basically the first clear day in weeks….at Kirkwood. People came out in the masses, half of the Bay skipped work and rolled up. At about 1 am, Greydon Clark, Chill Winston, Su Pu, and Monster Dump roll up to my crib like crack addicts needing a fix. Dump and I stay up and play some Japanese Dreamcast Shooters. Chill and Mr. Clark bail at like 5 am to hit Waterhouse. It was cool this morning too…driving on the icerink to KW, my car read -14 F at Hope Valley….roll into the lot and its already packed at 8:39 am.

Here are the pics that go with Pu’s TR in the other thread.

The night before…playing this:

Mt. Tallac looking guuuuuuud:

Stuff off of Echo:

Carson Spur KW OB…loaded:

Monster Dump and Su Pu….jittery:


Back of Desolution Wilderness…I think:

Upper Cham…first run:

Mr. Dump ready to roll:

….pointing it…

Su Pu doing the same thing….

Buttery smoothness off of the Wall:


Su Pu in Eagle Bowl:

Cirque span:

Cirque left:

Cirque right:

Hop and HASKINS lining up Kodak:



Monster Dump digging into Vista:

….then disappearing on Vista…

View of Southern Sierras:

Monster Dump standing in front of California Chute, KW OB:

..then airing in lower Thunder Saddle:

Thunder Bowl, KW OB…..looker’s right:

…looker’s left:

Monster Dump pressing the envelope:

Su Pu in Norm’s Nose:

….EL FIN….

5/5 Dancing John B’s

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