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Its Thin But Oh So Radical – 12/03/06

Its Thin But Oh So Radical – 12/03/06

***NO POWDER PICS HERE, NO WAY…that’s so last week!

Want to know how much snow there is just due south of Tahoe?

The video will explain it all.

In case you’re still running AOL 2.0 on your Windows 3.0 machine, below are some pics and the details….


December 02-03, 2006 – Opening day of Buckboard (one of the resort’s most premier groomed adventures) and Chair 11 of the Kirkwood 06-07 season.

Weather & Temp:

Absolutely G O R G E O U S Californian sunshine, no wind, and ideal temps ranging from 30-40F….nice temp to take a walk with the dog.

Extreme ski mountaineers:

666 – in true form:

Slim – Dressed to impress and late for class:

Shugs – Dressed for an Antarctic winter evening:

Zippy – Daft Punk ain’t playin’ at his house:

Jrosen32 – Just after killing Sasquatch for needed warmth:

JMetzler – spending WAY too much time on Youtube:

….and Misshhhhaww, Vets, Tyrone Shoelaces, Mrs. Laces, Mrs. JMetzler, LegalDave.

Our Rides:

Moment Renos, Karmas, Nitro Supernatural, a pair of Fischers, 190 V-pros, 180 V-pros, Dynastar BIG’s, G4’s, some Bro’s, Pocket Rockets.


Below shows the amount of gnar provided by the corporation:

Green = groomed manmade bliss
Purple = the natural snow bush runs
Hot Pink = the epic adventure called Buckboard

Looks a lot better from the highway eh?

The order of the morning on Chair 5:

What Buckboard skied like:

Lower mountain Corduroy MADNESS!

Jrosen32 has a carving fan…

Zippy WAIST DEEP!!!!!!!!!!

The Chronic Chair needs just a smidgen more snow….

The Wall actually resembles…..well….a wall….

Fingers and Wagon Wheel bowl ridin’ dirty!

666 eye’d a boarder until he found out it wasn’t Shugs….

Shugs shows why it pays to get there early…

Shugs takes off some of that rust of his edges, er…legs:

Snow is always whiter on the Eastern side…

666 licks some carpet…

Shugs laying it DOWN >>>>>>>>>

Roundtop, Moon Crescent, etc 12/02/06. The lookers right bowl would probably be the best bet for coverage since it had snow throughout the summer.

Closer view of the Northern aspects….bring the 90’s quiver: