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Alpine Ghettos sick steeps and wicked java – 12/17/03

Blew off work and went to the Ghettos today…Pretty much bluebird with some high clouds. Everything was open except High Traverse, Upper Keyhole, Lakeview Chair and Sherwood. It seems nobody likes to hike there because every line I skied I could only see my tracks.

Music: Raiden – 6 ft Ditch

Woot Skiing!


Did laps: From Summit 6 to High Yellow then to the steep chutes in Sherwood Cliffs (which were trackless) and down to Scott chair. On Scott into the Promised land area including this chute 4 times:

The corner next to Idiots going into Beaver Bowl was really good:

Hiked Estelle Bowl 4 times….super sick! The steep face was holding snow very well. Some ice-crusted powder snow but was nice because you could use it to stop in sketchy spots….the rainy-snow last week provided a good layer covering the rocks. There was some nice cold powder below the Estelle Face.

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