Slay The Gnar

Documentary of Casey Cane
New Zealand 2003-2005

Kiwi Chute Day, NZ – 09/01/05

Wet weather may be moving in so we ran up to the Remarks to do hit up some ‘chute only’ runs….snow was variable but quite good in spots, and the steepness made it all worthwhile. All of the shots are from the Alta Chutes at the Remarkables.

Music: Hive – ‘Against The Grain’

Winter 2005 in Queenstown….

Sheepman taking an enormously HUGE flight into "elevator shaft"….

The top middle of the photo is where we started the run…then migrated towards lookers’ left through a tiny steep chute called "Telex."

NZphotoslave taking his first turn….

….and where the snow changed from velvet to concrete….

Shot of "Telex" from the top. This chute is kind of hard to find and very intimidating due to the massive exposure.

Kiwiphotoslave’s phonecam sepia pic from the middle of the chute….

NZphototgrlurker getting out of the gnar, finding a pocket of windbuff…this shot gives you a good view of the obstacles one had to deal with in the chute. I have never seen so many rocks in this thing.

SuperNZdork taking some MASSIVE AIR! At least 100 ft onto hardpack…

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Coffee time…..

Sammy making me my usual……I love you Sam!