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Trenching Through the Tallac Talcum Powder – 01/16/06

After a sweet powder day on Sunday in the Tahoe area and with Monday being a holiday, it only made sense to spend the day skiing. I’ve wanted to take skier666 into the bc for awhile and he’s been wanting to check out Mt Tallac so we hooked up for a blind internet ski date. The man called hop came along for good measure too.

We met at Alpina in SLT. I didn’t know what the skier devil looked like but hop sure was easy to spot. After some quick hellos and coffee we headed off to the secret trailhead.

Music: Rufige Kru – ‘Fear Heaven’

Hop and his trusty suby.

Soon we were on the skin track that gimpy and tyler put in the day before.

Skier666 and bcr


On the acsnet ridge we saw some skier triggered slides form the day before. You can see how the steep rollovers become sensitive at the convex. The snow looks a little thin there too, the rocks might have acted as a weak point.

Skier666 and hop checking out some of the lines.

And then sharing a special moment with each other.

Due to the low visibility we stayed out of the bowl and skied the trees from the ridge. Group shot with hop’s camera and tricky mini tripod. He’s currently working on a chest cam attachment too. Next level for sure.

They brought one of the best bc foods (PIZZA) too without even knowing it.

Soon it was time to ski, hop drops first.

This pic reminds me of Santa Clause.


skier666 with a random skinner behind him on the ridge.

Skier666 pulling the disappearing act

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