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Carson Pass: Eastbowl near Round Top – 05/22/04

With the Bloody Couloir on our minds for the next day, and a Markleville burger’s sent skimming the air, the sickness ensued with Greydon, Sam, and myself pulling into the packed lot. As Greydon pointed out in the other thread, at the early bird start of 1:00 pm at Carson Pass, only one other vehicle dared to brave the deepest pow days of late May. Yes, mid-edge deep in places circled around our brains to create the excitement only dreams are made of. With a total hiking/bouldering/skinning time of 3.67 hours and 39 seconds and 5 turns of true downhill madness, the trip of a lifetime was about to unfold.

Music: Panacea-Found a lover

Greydon’s bedmate acting like he’s used touring equipment:

Greydon and I contemplating the shear sickness of our line:

True Roundtop….basically we’re pussies and decided that too much energy would be required to get there.

The bitchin’ range behind Da Top’, notice the rocky-lanche that went top to bottom.

Looking south towards Blue Lakes:

Our glorious turns in the mid-edge pow…it was actually quite nice to see some fresh snow.

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