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Cruising the Crap at Coronet – 09/01/05

Cruising the Crap at Coronet – 09/01/05

Coronet Peak….very spring day, skiing over dirt, solid ice, puddles, etc.

Still a good time when it softened up. I was testing a pair of the new Kingswood Skinnys with the bamboo core, so I was stoked to check them out.

Music: Concord Dawn – Morning light

Nice view to the west….

Mrs. 666 shredding the parking lot gnar….

666 doing his pre-ski stretching…..


NZphotoslave showing his skillllllllllllz…..

The rad backdrop pic…..

Then we did some jetboatin’…why not? Especially, when our kiwi mates hooked us up with a free ride.