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Aerial Photoblog of NV to CA – 6/12/05

Aerial Photoblog of NV to CA – 6/12/05

June 12th, 2005 – Pics go East to West.

I was lucky enough to get a lift back to the Bay Area last weekend, and got some cool shots of clear day from the East (Lake Tahoe, NV) to the West (Pebble Beach, CA)…pretty much a straight mellow southwest shot from South Lake to Pebble Beach.

I thought the pics showed a good representation of the microclimates/terrain from Tahoe to the Bay. Not to mention the amount of snow still up in the hills from South Lake looking towards the southern Sierras. The only pics I didn’t get were of the ocean, but I threw an old one of Santa Cruz and Pebble Beach from last year…

Music: Calyx – Morphology

Lake Tahoe, CA & NV:

Echo Lakes & Desolation Wilderness:

Desolation Wilderness part II:

Looking to the South flying over Luther Pass:

Chair 10 – "the wall" at Kirkwood….I was getting pretty bounced around at this point, so many of my photos came out blurry.

Chair 6 – "Cornice"……I think this pic is tight…

Over the Sierra foothills, Placerville area aka "Gold Country"

Northern San Joaquin Valley

Diablo Range:

Mt. Hamilton at 4,200 feet is the highest mountain in the backround also part of the Diablo Range:

…and beginning into Silicon Valley:

OLDER PICS but continuing to the WEST…courtesy of Nzphotoslave aka Miles Holden:

Somewhere near Santa Cruz, I guess:

and Pebble Beach….pretty sure but I don’t play golf, so I could be wrong

El Fin….Enjoy