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Documentary of Casey Cane

Alpining and Granola in Da’ Mellows – 05/21/05

This is a tale of two lovers.. One being an alpine skier, the other being a telemarker. The war has been going back and forth for years…"Free the heel, free the soul" to "Lock the heel, ski for real." Well, today my friends, a proposal and an acceptance of sorts finalized between 666 and Greydon Clark. Yes, they are now engaged to become "ski partners."

An absolute GORGEOUS day in the High Sierras of the California with mellow wind and golden sunshine. The date is May 21st, 2005. It started out at 33 F at the base of Alpine Meadows and was 68 F when we departed. It was the first day in a long while to actually "freeze" parts of the mountain. Exquisite corn existed on Estelle bowl early on, and remained in tact on and under Sherwood Cliffs at the end of the alpine adventure.

A couple of rippin’ groomers, then hiking for the rest of the day. The altar – Summit 6 Chair…taking us to the chapel of cornices, exposed faces, corn snow, and open bowls. It was a stellar day skiing bell-to-bell (8am-1pm) and it is now one of the days that Greydon and I will cherish forever.

Music:ed rush & optical – ‘medicine’

Looking into Beaver Bowl, top of Summit 6, and then Keyhole in the distance:

Greydon slaying the smooth-as-butter corn in Estelle….

666 loves the Estelle face and its melting out in a hurry, he dropped in and skied towards skier’s left…

View from below. Thank Mr. Clark for his camera skills of not actually taking a useable photo of 666 skiing the face…

Greydon "freeing the heel" on one of his many left-hand turns…in lower Estelle…

666 at the top of the pic attacking the invisible gates of the smoothest part of the mountain….

For this turn, he decided to break out his Rossi 7SK’s….

Greydon hitting a bank on lower Estelle…so handsome, isn’t he?

Greydon said he drank 10 bottles of Yager the night before, but still….his urinating skills are absolutely remarkable…

My lover, Mr. 3 pins going for a 4 pointer…high skier’s right section of Beaver:

…and below, killing the rain-soaked, melting snow

Then to the 3 Sisters, another left-hand heel lift…WICKED!

Greydon proposed to me right here on High Yellow ridge with a view of the Indian Ocean in the distance…walking away with the "tears of joy"…

Gratuitous Tahoe shot….just gotta:

666 off the top of Keyhole…melting out around the rocks super fast:

Lower Kehole and another left-hand, sickbird, slashing of one of the million left-hand banks by my fiancé:

666 and some more corn-racing steeze….

Mellow snow conditions and a killer day…

….dates and time of the formal ceremony will be announced in due time.

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