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Alpine Ghettos in the Meadows – 04/23/04

Well, did a day trip captain solo on Friday from SF to the Ghettos. A quick stop in Loin for some coffee, donuts, and my favorite shemale hooker named Randy and I’m off.

It snowed off an on all week with a total of around 20 inches up top. I heard rumors that Summit 6 was on windhold the day before, and it was going to be a bluebird day. The snow was butttery smoth top to bottom in the morning, with all the moguls filled in completely…some pockets of wind scarred ice on the ridges.

Hiked every run, starting with Estelle Bowl of course, then to High Beaver a couple times, to Keyhole, then to High Traverse, back to Sherwood Cliffs, hiked to High Yellow and so on. Sadly, Scott Chair is closed for the season. By 2:00pm however, the new snow was melting and making you ski at a crawl at best. I documented my journey through the wonders of digital photography, and here it is:

Music: John B – Pressure 2004

One of the best chairlifts in the country, the amount of terrain off this chair is ridiculous.

Why I love the Ghettos…view from top of Estelle looking up the ridge all the way to Keyhole in the background..hikers paradise.

Some lake…never seen it before

Estelle Bowl:

The snow was pretty wind loaded in the meat of the face…really grabby with some pockets of windblown to ice. Skied down the middle off the top then cut over to looker's left because I was unsure about the coverage below.

High Beaver….silky smooth!

Keyhole…sooooooooo good on lookers left!

SL off top of Keyhole…there was a nice line skiers left of the main SL with a nice 8 footer ollie into a SL

Sherwood cliffs hidden in the trees is one of those hidden features of the Ghettos….steep and north facing, and pockets of ice!

Some April snowpack

Sherwood OB..with Twin Peaks in the background

Sherwood OB pow…

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