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Long Board Day, Sickness Awaits – 04/23/05

Long Board Day, Sickness Awaits – 04/23/05

Just to get to Long Board day was a mission. Leaving the Bay was a nightmare…but we did get to see a Z71 pickup that needed new front brakes.

"Yoda says eat a healthy breakfast before skiing on 222’s"

Greydon, Geoff Small, my cousin Dave, and myself rocked everyone’s world on Saturday morning. Walter showed up later, and clocked 90 mph down Sentinel. We strapped on our best attire, jock staps, and rocked Motley Crue’s (*EDIT) “Girls, Girls, Girls” in the parking lot before we clicked into the big daddy’s.

666 – Ummm yeah, the pants. The Pants fucking ruled! So tight and yet so stylish…made me feel like Tom Selleck!

Wait a second, time to call my broker:

"Sell 50,000 shares of Obermeyer"

Dave – A non-tgr cousin….can’t you tell he’s related?

Greydon was rockin’ some Blizzard 210+ DH Boards mounted 3 Pin stylee….exact model I forget.
666 was on some 222 RD ValdezExtremes.
Dave was getting laid on some 217 RD’s
Mr. Small scored with all the ladies rocking the 210 Longoni.
Walter rinsed it on a pair of Blizzard 215’s

Lovers – 666 and Greydon, we made love in a station wagon just before this pic was taken:

We rolled off cornices, did some laps on 6, then 10.

666….extreme skiing!!! Its the hottest thing right now:

Greydon trying to flex the DH’s:

Rinsed………Blizzard style

A quick run to the car, and we then grab the baggy pants, fat skis, and a hoodie to ski’4’real. Next year, we need more than 5 people….

Afternoon…non-LBD steeze: