Slay The Gnar

Documentary of Casey Cane
Kirkwood 2005-06

Gnaring up the Kirkwood Cirque – 05/01/06


May 1st, 2006 – The day after the lifts stopped runnin’

Weather & Temp:

Around 50 F in the parking lot at 9:15 am, pretty firm snow all the way to the top, but already too soft when we reached the summit.


666, Basom, Kush, and Lou


Skin up buckboard and then boot up to the top of the cirque above the patrol shack. Ski the lookers right face from the summit. Its the stuff that would never, ever, ever, ever, ever, let you ski on a normal day

Music: Seba & Paradox – ‘Fire like this’

So quiet, you could hear a pin drop…

Skinning up icy moguls doesn’t really work…

RunnelMan Face…behind the Wall:

Summit approach…

The line (Camera getting funky do to the the direct sunlight)

Certain death line…..

Basom goes first…since he’s the virgin of the group.

Links up some pretty turns…

We got there probably an hour too late…

It was already getting pretty wet-slidey..

Lou drops in…

Funny thing about Lou is that he was the only other person at Kirkwood with our same idea…

…and he didn’t know that we were going to be there

…and better yet, is that he’s a damn fine skier!

Kush finds a pitch with less sloppy snow…

Not bad considering he leaves tomorrow…

Got to get one more run in at Kirkwood!!!!!

Lou is fond of the runnels….

And so are the wet slides…..

Shot of Carnells from the top…our original plan was to hit that next, but WAY too warm to do so safely,

Kush…turn and burn

Basom gets funky…

….to the Rasta Stevie str8line

Lou has to head back to the Bay…so he ditches us for some smooth corn…

We hiked back up to Thundle Saddle and skied Hells…..Basom finds some untracked slush…

and it was smooooooooth…..

Kush looks for a straightline that looks lame on film……but he almost punched through the landing


RooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaRRRRRRRR RRRR!

666 on a spine….LAME!

Our line: Looker’s right from the summit!

Kirkwood is now CLOSED?????

Huge rock slide on Carson Pass, with 50 engineers scratching their head on what to do…