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Kirkwood Opening Weekend N3RdBLOg – 12/04/05

Kirkwood Opening Weekend N3RdBLOg – 12/04/05

….the season is upon us

Music: Doc Scott – Drumz 95 (Nasty Habits Remix)

Saturday December 3rd, 2005 – Oh yes.

The whole frontside is now open, top to bottom left to right. The classic Kirkwood Cement layed down a nice protective sheet over the volcanic croppings to allow many lines to be had. Better yet was the light-fluffy foot of pow on top of it. The temps remained cool and crisp allowing the snow quality to remain peeeeeerrrrrrrrrfffffffffeeeeeeeeeecccccccttttt! They opened the Palisades, Chair 10, and Eagle Bowl. Naturally, it was impossible to take pics of the pow runs…remember there are "no friends" on runs like those

….here are the pics in order of how the day panned out.

Mr. Shoelaces and a blue coat eyeing some rocks for some base-durability research on the latest Bro Model:

Su-Pu rockin’ the Iggies in a tight spot:

….Now he’s showing off:

We need more boarders on this site….here’s Shugs getting his legs warm for the upcoming season:

AKA…hardridin’ indeed:

Haskins with a new maneuver: "air into a couple multiple avi-crowns"

Random boarder chargin’ off the side of Jim’s:

Now over to Eagle Bowl, where Zippy finds an air before the traverse…

…the traverse to this….

Zippy, skier’s left of Kodak (very top of photo)…I wonder you made those previous tracks?….Teh Sony G33K?

Sunday, December 4th, 2005 – Still cold, still bluebird, still powder to be found, still lines to ride, still an awesome opening weekend.

Early runs in Eagle Bowl, 3 days after the storm, with Pimpin’ Frog leading the charge:

Shugs airs some pillowzzzzzzzz…

A view of "Oops"….Teh BEST run at Kirkwood! ME LikEy.

So Su-pu and I decide to run deep into Palisades for a couple runs. Su-pu plays photo-slut for first tracks.

…he was collecting samples to bring back to the lab:

…I hated him at this point:

…and here I thought that maybe he was lying about collecting samples.

They finally opened the Wagon Wheel ridge off of 6, tons of options from the top…

Where Zippy decides to commit into a minefield…to scrap off all the cushion for yours truely

I had fun this weekend….

…no really….

we all did