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3 the Hardway – Firmpack Chronicles Vol I – 01/20/08


January 18th, 19th, & 20th, 2008


Mammoth & Kirkwood, California – Home of the worlds finest firmpack


Still firm, but the decent snow under the crust layer is starting to come back to the surface. Firm, sunny, windy, more sun, no wind, no sun, flat-light, firm, then snow showers on departure. I’ll give you a link to that day at the end…….it wasn’t THAT good.


666, Zippy, Skimoore, JMetzler, Supu, Gerome, Lou, JJ, AKbruin and others


666, Zippy, JMetzler, and Skimoore.

Music: Burial – Archangel


Synopsis:3 Days of Sierra Skiin’

Zippy and I decided to roll to Mammoth on Friday…well…just to ski something different. You know, to get some new point of views and perspectives on life and mountains. After delivering some M1s to some Kirkwoodo extremo contesto dude named Craig, we headed to the land where LA meets the rest of the world. We found most of all the steep lines blown to bits, but managed to ride from one boundary to the other.

The next day we were off to Kirkwood, the place that ometimes time forgets. With friends in town, the groomers make up most of the morning plot until Zippy arrives to test my might for flight. Conditions are firm, but much better than expected….so basically, not as firm.

Sunday, the ‘spin cycled cut off low’ is approaching but the firm is still in effect. JMetzler, skimoore, gerome, supu, JJ all make it out to burn the rust off their edges.


The cold, crisp view from Bridgeport…

The drive leads us to a fog-laden lair near Mono Lake….

Zippy heads for a Dragon’s Back…

But finds some windblown instead…

Did I mention that it was really windy on the ridgetop?

At least there’s no moguls….

Zippy finds some winter snow…leveled by the wind.

Over near the boundary…Zippy finds some untracked POWDER!

But he’d rather jump over it….

The view from chair 23…..always nice, always evil.

Zippy near Philippes….

666 gets thirsty for Steeps…

…Steep concrete that is!

yep, a failed parking lot carve….


Hello Kirkwood Marketing Dept, my name is 666, and I take photos of Zippy in RAW

This shot is from the kids or, adult, or………well, the Kirkwood halfpipe…

666 likes exposure…

because that’s where the best snow is located…

Zippy likes carving down steeps too…

Even in firm conditions, we still hit jumps…


‘No Zippy, that’s not a quarter down there, keep traversing….’

We rolled everywhere….how’s some Big Jims for a change?

Kids halfpipe….wHy NoT?

Last piece of powder before the next storm? Sure!

Rails after tuning your skis the night before? Priceless……

666 tests to see if the concrete is dry….

He finds an air bubble that needs to be flattened…

Got it…


On the chair at 8:55am doesn’t disappoint…

JMetzler getting GnArLy……..

He erupts out of the rock….

666 gets some pixelated air via skimoore’s camera skillz…..

JMetzler was on a roll from 9:00AM….what was in his cup of java?

The aliens arrived….

Skimoore finds great snow under Norm’s on a bulletproof day…

666 does his best to soften his landing….

JMetzler emulates Eric Pehota….

666 needs some more tricks…

This one is pretty Zbo-ish……

Zippy gets in one last turn before suicide…

Skimoore, again, proving that he can carve…..

Zippy located a launch pad…

Zippy summons Big Air Moseley…

Steep winter snow in Oops? Hell ya’

JJ flashes a line in a Moment (s) time…..

Skimoore scares me….

…because look at his takeoff tracks on the flat little number…

But the guy sure gets a lot of support from Lou…

Park? Why not!

Sisters Chute…A twisted angle for this sister.

Surprise…today is turning out to be FUN@#$%

Supu shows us what he learned in Indo….

Gerome then exhibits the new 10-11 Tanker without edges….

"How firm is it?"

Zippy, meet Scott Schmidt…

Gerome is on tele….for the first time….what does he do here?

Kids halfpipe…..why not!

First off-piste tele turn….YESSS!

Zippy has trouble staying on the ground….too many cola Shot Bloks

Supu helps the oncoming storm by throwing some snow into the air…

A couple cars trying to leave town without chains….

P I Z Z A H H H H H H H H H H H !

Oh, and the next day went like this……


Damn Supu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over and out….



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