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Navigating a New Season on Halloween? – 11/06/04

Navigating a New Season on Halloween? – 11/06/04

October 2004 – Kirkwood

Let's just say it was good even if it was December. We got like 6th chair when they opened Chair 6 for the first time for this season. Powder everywhere for the first two runs. People were hucking next to Jim's, and I got first tracks in Oops, basically skied every aspect off of Chair 6.

The backcounty access was OPEN so we hiked out way past Sentinel bowl a couple times to get fresh tracks. The Wall wasn't running but you could hike towards that way via Chair 6. This was probably good because people don't like to hike, and the snow was virtually untouched for the two days….Greydon Clark, Mrs. 666, and I had some good turns in there on Sunday. Also skied Upper Chamoix twice….which is absolutely ridiculous for October!!!!!!!!!!!

Left my camera in Tahoe so my personal pics will be posted by next weekend.

Here are some posted on the TGR boards:

Music: Amit – Pirates


Arty50 in Outer Palisades KW backcountry….ummm October?:

Skier666 droppin' a huge 4 foot air:

Skier666 looking to land off of Oops:

Tyrone Shoelaces smearin' the OB pow-pow:

….by the way, these shots are from OCTOBER!

More pics that my friends took of me when I was not aware……

Coming in for a landing off of the meat of Oops:

Some pow after the cliff:


More pics from OCTOBER:

Thunderbowl in background:




Upper Chamoix….skied:

Upper Oops:


The Wall:

Mr. Greydon Clark:

666 in Oops:


We were all expecting a carbon copy of last Saturday but with over a foot of fresh waiting for us in the morning. However, the wind really scoured the mountain before we got there so the conditions were definitely variable….great in some, and horrendous in others…did someone say Norm’s Nose?


A tad breezy up on the ridges……an understatement:

…which creates the bottomless:

But found some untracked tree-pow in OB past Palisades:



Kellie getting some air:


Lookers right of the fingers, Kellie deciding her line:

Some sick bump lines off the Wall:

Lower Cirque…..Zippy throwin down a peppered flat light double: