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Documentary of Casey Cane
Longer the Better – A Long Board Day production – 04/30/06

Longer the Better – A Long Board Day production – 04/30/06


April 30th, 2006 – Kirkwood’s lift-served closing day of the 05-06 season.

Weather & Temp:

Absolutely gorgeous californian sunshine, no wind, and temps ranging from 40-60 F.

Members of Dork Club:

666, AKA, Arty50, Basom, Brooks, Kush, Spats, Lph, Zippy, Zippy’s boarder buddy shralping it on skis, Casey of Moment Skis, Emma, Nuthon and crew, Tyrone Shoelaces, Divegirl, Legoskier, Dave P, lhs, ninjabirdman & roomie, and many others.

Our Rides:

666 – 212 K2 SG Race
AKA – 205 Salomon SG Race
Arty50 – 210 K2 TNC COMP
Brooks – Normal skis, could not find “BigFoots”
Basom – 211 Salomon DH Race
Kush – 222 RD ValdezXtreme’s
Spats – 210 Volkl pink old school GS
Lph – 250 speed skis (I wish)…he could’ve handled them
lhs – Jackson transplant on Iggies of course
Zippy – 205 Atomic ARC racing
Tyrone – 215 Blizzard Women’s DH
Casey – 200 (?) Olin Mark IV twin-tips
Nuthon – Size of mullet = 11. Parking crew massive, 80’s snowboard extrordinaire.

*Feel free to correct my estimates*


Short skis suck and long skis truck. From rails to steeps, its apparent that the only difference between yesterday and today’s technology is speed and stability off-piste. Oh, and those old school graphics are the way to go…hint, hint, ski company manufacturers. Seriously, how radical would a 200 cm K2 Fat ski with the original 1980 graphics and sandwich construction look underfoot? I’ve already filed a patent on the idea.


666, Arty50, Lph, Spats, & Emma (reasons why they are absent from most of this fantastic TR)

Music (right click, save target as)

DJ Haste – UK DJ, Wicked 80’s mix

O M G!

Basom – performing his stretching technique "while skiing"

Kush and Ty feeling the burn of REAL SKIS

Now that’s an outfit!

ninjabirdman’s roomie, he’s sure looking hot… right?

Nuthon bringing in the steeze, with his handsome brother up ahead…sickness!

AKA with Arty50 eyeing the rear….Bartles & Jaymes in full effect:

No comment….

WTF was the cameraman thinking? So core on Long Board Day.

AKA – "I’m drunk…..LETS DO THIS"

The views were amazing…

Batman looking for Robin under Little Jims…

Zippy above Oops…

Basom’s Briko’s GO HUGE!

"Quiet guys…..I’m about to rule this"

Can’t touch him on DH Boards….

Ty and his Blizzards take a flight onto some Oops hardpack…

Zippy does an on the run base-grind in the fingers…

"Dry-dock or go home, bitches"

Zippy finds Robert Downey Jr….

Ty displays a "splitzer"….

Batman over Gotham City…

The only fuzzy pic and its a backflip by Zippy…

Basom tests his wardrobe…

Kush loses his shit…literally

Kush is racking up the miles today…but then again, he has a cape.

S rail = slay3D on Atomic Arcs…

Zippy crosses it up on the 1/4 pipe…

Basom charges like Schmidt off the Wall

Zippy on an exposed ridge…

An airs a 20 footer onto traverse tracks…stuck it clean.

Spats getting EXTREME!!!!

AKA – God he’s cute…hopefully he say yes when I ask him to the prom.

Kush on Upper Cham..

Ty doing the same…

Batman cruisin’ the slopes…

Miss 1970 enjoys the corn…

Time for some bumps…yes….BUMPS!

AKA looking for his El Camino…

Ty showing what he did on the East Coast…

Brooks…er…I mean Goose looks for a wingman on LookOut Janek…

God I love this pic…concentration is KEY!

Zippy’s buddy loves T3H Bump5!

Basom still rippin’….farts.

Zippy and Casey go tandem…so cute.

Gorgeous Crew…

Casey "Rollin’ on his Olins"….

Spats….yes….that’s him alright

Zippy performing a new move called the "Helicopter"

Casey getting CRAZZZZZZZZZY!

Zippy decides to roll Patrolmens on less than ideal conditions…and equipment:

Snow looks……….good?

Nice…now get into mogul man mode…

Basom Upper Chaming it…

Oh hell yes!!!!!!!

Perfect form as usual…I wouldn’t expect anything less…

Now we’re getting serious…On our last run, Spats wants to lose his virginity to Heart Chute…

…on ancient equipment

…onto frozen traverse tracks….

But guess what? He stuck it! Super sick….nice one Spats!

I think this sums it up nicely…