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DUST ON MUSK – Kirkwood – 04/24/05

Hell no! It was a little firm in spots, but overall, the conditions were tits. A nice, mostly unfrozen, snow-pack underneath with about 4 inches of new snow. Blower in spots made it yet another non-spring like day. Of course it snowed off and on for both days. Although the very bottom “slushed out” a little, most of the mountain was sickter…at least I thought so.

After Long Board morning, we soon changed clothes and headed to Thunder Bowl, the Spur, skied Norms, Waterfall, Oops a couple times, and then called it a day.

MUSIC: Chemical Brothers – ‘Let Forever Be’

Thunder bowl – I’m the spec on the top of the pic….above “slash chute”

Middle of Slash Chute – Smally and I hit it up from the skier’s right entrance. Not to straightline it, but to actually make some turns. 90 % winter snow prevailed, and I liked it.

The one in the middle…

Only if it was 5,000 ft of more vert…

Carson Spur – Smally keeping it real

Greydon – knee down and locked.

Dave – figuring out how to link turns and manage wet slough in the “mank”

Smally – Upper Cham, about to bend an edge…”.sorry mate, should have told you about those rocks”

Rolling into Lower Cham…

Smally rolling off the top of the wall…

…creating a nice waterfall…

Zippy left of Ski School area off of 6…

Zippy straight-runnin’ down Oops EP…

And at the bottom….a buddy with a b-day party with a keg of Fat Tire and food. Can’t really refuse that, now can you.


Winter is back already?

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