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Alpine Meadows ‘The Day the Lifts Stopped Turning’ – 5/30/05

Ok, so I was in London to do some drum’n’bass research until Sunday. No rain the entire time, a heatwave, and Big Ben actually stopped working for only the 4th time in its entire history.

Music:High Contrast – ‘When the lights go Down’

Shot from the London Eye…yes, my first time in London, so I had to.

Dnb research at Fabric with High Contrast on the decks:

After a quick 10 hour flight to SFO from Heathrow, I arrive at my apartment at 6 pm, call Slim, get gas, go to sleep and wake up at 4:30 am, pick Slim up in Oaktown, and head out at 5:15 to arrive at the Ghettos at 7:35 am…no joke. Closing day of Alpine.

Beaver bowl to Keyhole…a lot different in just one week:

And yes….I was desperate and I had to settle skiing with Slim….OMG, how embarrassing:

Still jet-lagged, a couple groomers did the trick:

Estelle Bowl with Slim in the distance:

Slim attacking…..I was afraid he’d scratch his lovely skis:

Estelle face….doesn’t "go" anymore…..but I thought it’d be radical to ski it anyway…

666 in a stupid line…no wonder he can’t pass the CA Bar Exam

It was actually pretty good, not super sloppy yet, and would actually hold an edge:

Suncups’r’us in most of the open bowls:

Slim trying to get away from the Evil Tree:

Slim "raising the roof" under the Sherwood cliffs

So Slim decides to hike up the rocks and get a "killa" view of the chute in Sherwood Cliffs…its definitely melting out, but the snow was great because of its shady, north facing aspect

…you can do it, you’re only on 190’s…

….funny, it almost looks like I’m skiing down whitewater:

Skier’s right of Keyhole…one of the "smoother" sections. At this point we met up with Arty and Darkside, and now have a HUGE group of "4" slaying Alpine Ghettos.

Darkside….looking for the Sith embedded under the corn:

Arty on Upper Keyhole:

Slim staring out into the abyss…wondering why he skis so god damn slow:

And the higher peaks still have a "patch" of snow:

….aren’t most of us "weekend warriors?" Well, this guy definitely must be the president of the club.

A quick detour to San Rafeal to eat some Tacos, and then back across this bridge. It looks familiar, if anyone could help me out with this one, I’d really appreciate it.

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