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Documentary of Casey Cane

Honoring ‘The Man’ while hoppin’ around KW & Squaw – 04/05/09

This TR is dedicated to you, Mr. Shane McConkey…you ARE one of the main reasons why I love to ski. We’ll miss you buddy!


April 4-5th, 2009

Location: Kirkwood backcountry & Squaw Valley of Earth



Both located in….

Weather: Hop’s POV pic below shows the best example….


skier666, hop, Arty50, Dblatto, S.P.C, & Lph


666 & hop

Music: Ed Rush & Optical – Alien Girl – Prototype Recordings


Hop is home for Spring break from his Scottish marine studies. He wants to ski. So therefore, I drove him to the mountains which is followed by taking photos of him sliding down slippery slopes of snow. We started at Kirkwood by hitting lap after lap in West Shore. However, by a large margin, the highlight of the weekend was celebrating one of the world’s best skiers by shredding his favorite spots at Squaw with some good friends.


Hop…wondering if he’ll remember how to make a tele-turn….

Good to be home, eh?

We saw a cute movie the night before…

Shugs joined us for some groomers, then took off….

Let’s just say that our day was mainly beyond the ropes…

We hit West Shore propa’…

And wouldn’t you know it….we found some winter snow….golly gee!

Hop even found an air around the Temple of Doom….

What? Really?

It can’t be?

Is it…

It is……A TELE-TURN!!!!

Diagonal Chute Massive Represent…..

666 finds powder….yawn.

We named this secret spot, The Milky Way….

….because sidestepping for a HUCK = MILKED!

666 before almost losing it down to the lake….

Hop is having a great day…


….well, none other than Nuthon and Powdork (who witnessed the 6’er take a gimped tumble from the Fawn Ridge zone)

Ooooooooh, I like this one….

Just a fun day in the 1930’s….

Damn, the snow was good down there…..

Geology is cool….

Aggressive, aggressive…

Now, that wasn’t a tele-turn was it, Mr. hop?

He left his tele-mark…..

Back at the base, the beats were bumpin’…


The Tecate Tallboys were flowin’….

And a baby Octopus for dessert, anyone?

SUNDAY: It actually was a superb day. Rolling SuperG turns on the new 190 Bibby Pro on a groomed Lady’s Downhill, to fast and furious carving laps top to bottom off Headwall all were second to none. Followed by a winterish Palisades lap, then to some Corkscrew goodness, off to Granite Peak, then to some Silverado fun, followed by some Broken Arrow corn festivities, and finally, topped off with a run on KT…on Spatulas.

Yay! Squaw!

Palisades are open….let’s go!

But first, I need some energy….

It was a memorable day indeed.

Looking down the meat…frozen meat….

6’er found some new headphones….while taking a crap at the summit.

Mountain shot….

S.P.C. gets aggressive….in winter snow!

Hop airs over the winter snow…

666 makes a winter turn….

Arty50 & Lph decided to join us…sporting some special skis…

Granite Peak? Why the hell not?

Hop in Direct Chute…yes, in a tele-turn….

S.P.C. gets crankin’…

Lph gets untracked….

Arty50 finds the soft stuff…

666 aggressively favoring his right shoulder….

S.P.C airs into a cornfield…

Silverado? Hell yeah, lets go. Hop hopping around…

Dblatto in Broken Arrow….

Dblatto under Olympic Lady…

S.P.C. is way too caffeinated….

Hop ‘s clothes are colorful….

…And here’s my last run of the day on the Spatulas for the very first time.

…and for that I only have one man to thank….

The very next day, unofficialandes posted this footage of a guy after my own heart….I mean, we both have the same pink coat! The line is just plain wicked, and the stoke emanating from it needs to stay alive. Check out their Squaw bloggage at UnofficialSquaw….

After skiing, we all went to Shane’s memorial. Incredibly touching and big thanks to all the hard work of Lane Meyer, Oldtimer, huckasoreass, and others for a job well done…your bro would be proud.







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