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Shredding the Ill Hills of Illinois – 12/27/09


December 23rd-27th, 2009

Location: Illinois backcountry, Wisconsin border extreme ‘Wilmot Mountain’

Weather: Snow, rain, heavy snow, rain, snow….


Skier666, Hannah, Julia, Olivia, and a kid that lives with us and calls me dad.

Picture Takers:

666, Hannah, and Father-in-law

Music: Seba – ‘Snow’ (good title eh?)


Skiin’ the midwest, skiin’ the Illinois backyard backcountry, skiin’ with teh nieces, puttin’ the kid on skis at 17 months….all in all a good xmas.

Let’s Go!:

The night before we see Julius as Santa…our child is scarred for life.

Bye bye SF….

On the way to Wilmot….

Ooooh….looking prime!

Warmer in here….its rather cold on the top of the mountain

Julia enjoys skiing…

Hannah wants nothing to do with me….

Time for a snack!!!!


I think its time for Exhibition…

Wassup guys…this is a black run, I hope you are ready…

View from the summit…

Another lap guys? Sweet, I’ll ride by myself….

Starting to dump….

Julia screams to the bottom…

Lights are on, time to hit the road…

Never give a 7 year old your camera at McDonalds….

You end up with pics like these….

Time for bed…

The next day, the little guy gets some Illinois first turns…


But at the local ski shop, he wanted bigger boards…

The next day, we hit the backcountry…off the driveway…


First life lesson…

Meanwhile, the next day…the nieces get ready to shred pow…

First chair ride ever, and I’m there…sick!

‘so, how fast do you want to go?’

‘how about switch?’

Looking good for outside of Chicago….

Sun starting to break through…

‘straightline it!’

The healthiest option….

Back to the post xmas rush….

666 makes a midwest carve…

That night, while the little man slept….

Yep, Illinois night backcountry…..

Do i spot a cliff?

Oh hell yes!

Yep, I found a line in the trees…

All in all, I think I spent my time wisely in Illinois….


*next stop Kirkwood….pre-fire*

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 at 3:51 pm
Midwest USA | Shredding the Ill Hills of Illinois - 12/27/09

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    Best TR to date.

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