Slay The Gnar

Documentary of Casey Cane

The Circling Winds of the Forbidden Kirkwood Cirque – 5/20/05

Date: 5/20/05

Location: Kirkwood forbidden, so permanently closed during the season.

Synopsis: Skier666, Greydon Clark and Tyrone Shoelaces skip work and attempt to ski the forbidden Cirque of Kirkwood. Three would try, but only one would succeed. The recent hurricane—complete with 50 degree temperatures, several inches of rain, and 90 mph winds—delivered exquisite conditions. Thankfully, the sustained winds lessened to 50 mph and were only gusting to 85 mph. Visibility was unlimited. I think I glimpsed the Pacific Ocean in the distance.

Digital Images and inspiration: Skier666. Letters and spelling, Greydon Clark.

Music: Westbam and Africa Bambaataa – ‘Agharta’

5AM Departure and blue bird.

Spring break crowds suck. We forgot our passes, so we dicided to skin instead of waiting in line.

Jokers lining up for 10@10. Where is Clack? WTF?

Tyrone and Gaydar skinning up the world famous Buckboard

Tyrone and Greydon avoiding sliders on The Wall….yep, its mank.

Freaky, The Wall without moguls. Only dirt skiing in May?

Gaydar Clark playing in the hurricane.

FUPA 666 enjoying the 80 mph gusts of wind at the top of The Wall.

Tyrone and Greydon Clark braving the gales and searching for the fresh.

So we arrive at the top and the wind is…well, rippin’. Greydon and Tyrone play in the wind as the 666 gets a little chilly. 666 eyes the "lift shack" for some warmth….hoping Greydon and Tyrone join him, but without their clothes. Tyrone hoping for a ride down the hill.

666 phoning Cohee, "Where the fuck is the sun?"

At Kookwood, the Kustomer is king.

C’mon, we love gapers….but this is a little severe, don’t you think.

666 scoping new lines….from the very top of the Wall chair, the very top. Press "square button", then "X" and you can slide the whole fucking thing. Tanner?

The higher you get, the higher you get. Heshers blazin’ at 9800’.

666 rallies to the top of the cirque…in the Tropical Storm Shitkicker. He takes a turn off the top (actually in looker’s right of Carnels but it ends in a 200 ft cliff, but its foggy, he decides to hike out and continue down the ridge…because he felt uncomfortable. Is this Carnel’s? Hope it goes, ’cause 666 is flying solo and shit cliffs out. He made it.

666 picks wisely, boot deep mank @ 45 degrees.

The Crique, 5/20/05…666 skied the wide chute from the top on looker’s right. Greydon and Tyrone skied the bump line off of Eagle Bowl.

Kookwood, 5/20/05….lifts aren’t spinnin, but the Kooks are skinnin’

Tallac, 5/20/05…of course, its sunny now….but not at you know where

PS: Greydon and 666 attempted to ski Red Lake Peak, from Hope Valley. Greydon guides the dynamic duo to the top of the wrong ridge and the mission is aborted. They skied West Virginian mud and slush back to the car.

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