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Summer on the South Island Ski Fields – 08/30/05

Summer on the South Island Ski Fields – 08/30/05

Its REALLY warm here….in my past 6 years of coming here to ski, I’ve never worn shorts and a T-shirt in the middle of the winter. We even ended up playing a couple holes of golf. Today was that day. Some weather may move in, probably rain, but we may end up trying to get some scenic heli-skiing around Mt. Cook just to do something different.

Some NZ stoke from today….the south facing chutes were still the best bet for a chance of winter snow, pretty firm but grippy enough to edge and have fun.

Music: Aphex Twin – 54 cymru beats

Alta Chutes…again, best snow on the hill:

NZphotoslave….slaving in pipeline:

Sharpening his ice skates:

Geoff Small has been rumored to have skied this face….pretty burl.

Mrs. 666 slaying a chute in the Alta Chutes…..

NZphotoslave skiing the tussock with a mandatory slush carve….5ICKN355!

An early evening golf game with gollum’s personal servant….