Slay The Gnar

Documentary of Casey Cane

The minimalist TR – 03/26/05

Synopsis of Saturday….Too warm. The snow was already consolidating on the first run….and that was a groomer

Basically, sticky-mashed-sierra-cement…and mostly flat light. We hit up Palisades at around noon and could basically straight-line the whole thing it was sooooooooo slow.

Halfpipe and park was too slow

Was it worth it…damn right. Some good stuff was had in Oops (including a nice kicker between Oops and Olympic), Kodak area, and in between Thunder Saddle and Vista.

Here’s a shot of the top of the Wall….Its been a while since I’ve seen the whole thing almost covered.

Zippy…big cornice b/t TS and Vista

Zippy’s acid drop further down the run…while listening to the new "LCD Soundsystem album…."

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