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Comis in a Democracy – Squaw 02/17/07

…the ski that is…


February 17th, 2007 (SUMMER – DAY ONE)


S Q U A W – A north shore skiing place between Truckee and Tahoe City.


What’s the temperature on the sun? It was probably close to that.

Skiers on Comis:

Basom and a ski friend both on Comis

Music: Fracture & Neptune – ‘Ventura’


The Comis wanted another run to beat out democracy at Squaw Valley International Ski Mountain of Extreme. As you will see, it was a close match.

Winter left most elevations on Friday night, which led to frozen slush, to slush, to a hint of winter snow on/off of Granite. Basom and I had one of those days…missing the shot, the skier misses the shot, lost camera, found camera, lost cellphone, oblivious to the Silverado opening, and well…..the cellphone is still lost. Overall, fun conditions under Oly Lady, and Granite…slush and concrete snow in between. However, the Communist leaders refuse access to the Palisades on the weekends…even with a full paid lift pass, so you’ll find no shots of them in this TR.

Driving up from the Bay on a Friday, on a holiday weekend….yep, might as well drive through Kirkwood to avoid the yahoos. Carson Spur at midnight….

Burning CD’s on the way to Squaw….Nerd Factor 15.

Tallac’s side terrain above Cascade Lake…

Hawking for a look on Eagle’s Nest….chocolate chips abound.

My gorgeous bride <cough> guide….basom.

On my way to da nest…some 58 year old no hat/sunnies locals yelled "there’s a much easier way." Funny, don’t think it took me more than 65 secs to get where I wanted to be. I guess they like postholing up a slushy ridge…I don’t.

The Comis make a nice argument…

Win a point for organization…

and another for strong leadership skills…

Basom on the banked slalom last year at Baker…

….George Bush skis on these. So Democracy earns a couple points.


Basom likes skiing steep shit…here’s evidence

Comi airforce isn’t too bad…

Now near Granite, Basom finds a solid line for bread

He waited 4 hours for this line…

But he ultimately got what he wanted…

Oblivious to the opening of Silverado, we decided to hold hands up to Granite Peak. But 666 noticed "winter" snow that the leader was hording to himself.

Glass of milk anyone?

California Dreaming at 9,000 ft…

My line was way cooler, but basom jumps in anyway.

At least he’s handsome, otherwise the gnar points would be minimal…

Gorby fines a line lower down….

666 Schmidting it in Corkscrew where some winter snow held on for life…

The leader gave him permission to get way 3xtrem3

666 running from the riot police…

Now he’s pissed! All he wants to do now is to carve the Comis….


Oh no he didn’t! Its a LEFT CARVE at 136mm underfoot!

Back near the mob leader’s cabin….serenity awaits.

There’s actually a submarine docked waiting for an emergency departure if "shit went down."

The AP photo lifted from CNN World….

At the end of the day, Democracy got a beat down by the Comis, but once again, it prevailed….

…can you tell I’m running out of ideas?

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