Slay The Gnar

Documentary of Casey Cane

Wintering the Summer @ Alpine Ghettos – 05/10/05

Since this easily could be the last full winter morning, Slim and I decided to blow off work and roll up early to make sure we get the goods.

So my cell phone wakes me up at 3:33 am….get up, grab to-go cups, make latte for Slim, and a super latte for myself. Depart SF apartment at 4:02 am….core ain’t it?

Music:Sepultura – ‘Territory’

Donner….we were chased by cannibals all the way down into Truckee

But not this early…2:30 hrs from Slim’s Oaktown shanty we arrive….at 7:00 am.

Da Ghettos’s Main Lodge…….oh so ghetto

We meet up with Tyrone, Arty, AKA (hardrider), 3pin, Freshies, and later… Darkside. Of course, there’s a line for the ONE lift open. Bombs going off everywhere, and soon Slim, AKA, and myself have already lost the rest of the crew on the first run. A fast straightline down Peter’s Peril with buttery goodness back to the lift. Next, hit up Keyhole, then Low Beaver, then Keyhole/High Yellow/Sherwood Cliffs for the rest to the day. The bitches never open Estelle Bowl, so my favorite steep pitch of the mountain was off limits…oh well.

First lift up….ice-packed granular

Keyhole untouched….soon to be slayed in 5 mins

Keyhole from the top….a nice air right below…fluffy.

Slim…on High Yellow

AKA airing into Sherwood Cliffs to straightline out to the bottom, while nearly clipping a tree.

And again, slaying some “winter snow”

And airing again….in the Sherwoods

APOV…..another point of view via Slim

Hardrider…on the corn snow

666 getting in front of the camera….big ups to Hardrider for lining this up. This is the cliff area just to skier’s left of Sherwood Cliffs.

Slim…searching for Nemo

Nemo chasing Slim

OK, OK, now for the moment of the day…."Hey watch out….a creature!!"

It started attacking her….Slim ran over and killed it

Then the lady turned it into a hat…OMGLOL!

The last chair…with Pete (boarder from KW) hiking in the distance

The black cloud that always follows me…..flat-light….sick! Therefore, I couldn’t get any good mountain shots. But you can get an idea of the snow pack…the parking lot is at the bottom…at 6,800 feet.

So at 1:00 pm the lifts closed…..Slim and I decided to skin up from Lakeview over to the top of Scott Chair.

Because I really wanted to ski this:

….please don’t slide…..

….and… didn’t….maybe next time

The rest of Scott was SUPER MANK, we made it back to the parking lot….and guess what, we were the last car in the lot.

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