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Remarks on the Remarkables, NZ – 09/20/04

Back in NZ for my mates weddin’…

Still winter conditions at the Remarks. Skied the 19th half-day right off the plane and hit up the Alta Chutes for a couple of runs. We had some severe flat light and wind but the snow was super winterized and sick….hike and skied "Diagonalator" with my mate Woody with no tracks and about a foot deep. It slid a little but it was a great way to get off a 24 hour journey.

Today we hit the Remarks again with the sun peaking through the window but as usual a single cloud sat over the Remarks. More flat light, wintery snow, and people in shorts and a T-shirt in Queenstown, it was time to do some skiing.

Brought the digi-cam this time and took some shots, but with the flat light it made life a little difficult.

Music: Cause 4 Concern – Paranormal

Welcome to Middle Earth

Hobbit village in winter

Gollum’s buddies/skiers

NZphotoslave and Mrs. 666 looking down Diagonalator searching for the Ring…but in flat light

Just saw the Ring glitter

Gollum giving Mrs. 666 advice

Mrs. 666 and the Dragon’s Lair which also happens to be Paul Ahern’s record Huck above…

Gandalf leaving in Kea form

Elevator…Alta Chutes….no sign of Froto

Geoff Small, Jeremy Pierce, Miles Holden, Casey Cane, Nigel Mctussock about to be swept up by Souron

Gay-homo eating some Elfen party mix

Kiwi light bulb

Remarkables in the Springtime…..Liv Tyler in the backround…not in the shot sorry

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