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Mt. Cook, NZ skied from summit – 11/01/04

Mt. Cook, South Island, New Zealand…..11/01/2004

One of my mates (Miles Holden) from NZ was hired to take photos and another was on the mission to ascend and descend Mt. Cook…for Red Bull. Todd Windle of NZ was the other Kiwi, and I don’t know the rest of the crew.

Supposedly, as far as I know, Mt. Cook (NZ highest peak) has only been skied twice before from the summit due to the massive amount of snowfall required to make it possible. This year has been MASSIVE for snowfall down south…so it was on.

The word is that after a few bad days of weather, they had the greenlight and charged to the top, skied from the summit, had to rappel down a few feet, and then a ski the rest of the way….success. I don’t know if the rappel means anything but they did ski from the top.

I don’t any more than that…these photos were just sent to me as my friend finally got back to his computer. I’m guessing that the summit attempt was on the 1st, since he called me on 10/30 from the location.

Enjoy, these pics are SICK!!!!!

Mr. Windle…looks kinda icy:

El Senor Windle on a big descent:

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