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Alpine Ghettos propa’ – 03/30/05

Last night at 10:18 pm, I had a vision. Alpine’s upper-mountain was shut all day yesterday….and hell maybe even the day before….so I figured it would be a splendid time to blow off work to ski bluebird-steep-pow-lines. I text Punani, he can’t go…I go to sleep…

It took me only 2:45 minutes from SF to the Alpine parking lot…but 4 hours to get home.

Skied 9-4…with Estelle first, beautiful pow all the way to the floor…a couple runs later the same lower section was mank.

Hit up Keyhole, OB off the backside, Sherwood cliffs area, Chute area before Promised land, and took the last run down to road for some untracked pow. (I’m a JONG for all the Alpine names…sorry )

cue Too Short…"In the Ghetto"

Estelle Bowl face…skied this 6 times, hit up every possible line…me have fun there

Looking down Estelle

Lake Superior

OB pow backside…Sherwood Chair

Other side of Munchkins…OB

Munchkins GNAR of the GNAR

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