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Turn up the Base @ Mt. Baker Opening Day – 11/07/05

Turn up the Base @ Mt. Baker Opening Day – 11/07/05


November 7, 2005

Location: Mt. Baker, Washington

Weather: POWDER…

Music: Technical Itch – ‘The Rukus’ (Kryptic Minds Remix’)…

Alarm clock goes off at 4:31am and Girlski is late as usual. Hit up Winchells for some dirty burnt coffee and nasty gut busting cinnamon roll (could have used some of those Dan’s donuts)

15 minutes later, Zbo meets us at the park and ride and were off.

A quick pit stop at Glacier and we find the Kirkwood Vespa Team Captain Skier666. Quadspresso in one hand, a smoking Vespa at his rear and his thumb hitching to WA542 Mt Baker Hwy.

Zbo in trance mode- getting serious

Zbo continuing to scope lines

Skier666 receives love voice mail from Slim- due to his day-trip absence from the Castro

Chair 1 & our morning breakfast on the left (sans quadspresso)

Group photo op after poaching low angle deep tree-well business

666 enters the Elbow

Elbow eats 666

Classic Baker untracked

Girlski packing heat into Lower Elbow

Notice jacket snow markings from his previous deep, scuba diving turns

Girlski files a motion for an extension of fluffy goodness

666 showing what he learned from "Steep Techniques" from Netflix

…then decides to go French on us

airing into a minefield

after dropping in Switch on his first turn, 666 recovers to air out a typical Baker mogul field

squirrel99 tree-limb face shot of the day

Skier666 promptly left on his Vespa and will be back at work in CA on Wednesday morning.