Slay The Gnar

Documentary of Casey Cane

Shralpine Ghettos, California, U S A – 04/17/06

The National Weather Service has issued a special weather statement noting that Alpine (at 6900 ft) received 32" of snow. With some free tickets in hand, and the spur guaranteed to being closed in the morning, I headed to the Ghetto with my holmes Zippy as reinforcement. Packin’ heat?….damn straight. 666 riding Kingswoods, and Zippy on his bad-ass Moment ‘Commis,’ nobody would even think about skiing our lines.

Muisic: Dom & Roland – ‘Ritual’

One problem…I had to drive from SF with a 5:00 am departure <ouch>, but seeing this much snow at Blue Canyon (5163 ft), I don’t mind.

Good thing Interstate 80 has been groomed!

…almost there….

Only at Da Ghettos, where you watch the bottom 2/3 of the mountain get slayed via Roundhouse, then watch Scott Chair get tracked up in one run….all while you sit and wait for the Summit666 to open.

Yum Yum…High Beaver – nope won’t open. Maybe worried about wetslides, I don’t know…

So we basically lapped Keyhole to Scott all day…first run down Keyhole:

Zippy likes to air with "that lake" in the background…

..and has an itch on his left ski….

…and finds a double to straightline near Nun’s Cunt….

Ok, so the top of Alpine Bowl chair is now INACCESSIBLE for your traverse to Keyhole:

Wait a minute…WTF?….those tracks look familar…kinda fat:

Can’t be Zippy because his air was about 10 feet…

Er….IT WAS ZIPPY!!!!!! 50-60 footer to stompage in the slough…

Secret Chute off of Scott….

Lower Scott Traverse….Zippy flashes his ice:

…don’t front…

The Mt. Washington Observatory, C A L I F O R N I A!

Even gangstas like iced-over trees with a blue lake in the background…

Alpine’s backside + BC terrain…with Twin Peaks way out there…looks like some unique lines are filled in on looker’s left!

666 in High Yellow…marking his terrain:

666 in the Sherwood Cliffs area….on the lookout for spies:

He spots one deep in the snowpack…


Think about cartwheeling down the whole thing…cause I DID!!! Super Fun!

Hiking up neck-deep slough to get your ski is gnardical…especially for a camera that hates warm temps…camera didn’t like me at this point but Zippy did have a cool line.


Lake Erie…

Crater Lake…

and finally the Black Sea…

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