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Hell….I went to Heavenly today – 02/10/06

With my father-in-law in town from Chitown, we rolled to Heavenly for him to warm up a day before we hit Kirkwood tomorrow…..and of course for the Tahoelishish and GORGEOUS views of the big-blue lake coupled with snow-capped mountains.

This is a story about Heavenly 02/10/06…

Music: Loefah – Voodoo

Started in California, skied a couple runs on Ridge, cruised to Nevada, did a couple runs up and down to Stagecoach…and the snow was actually pretty good. I was expecting firm-ice in the morning and slush in the afternoon, but it was actually packed-powder on ALL the groomers.

Desolation Wilderness area:

Lake Tahoe…..I think…

Lake Michigan…

Killebrew Canyon and view of Minden, NV….

I rolled into Gate B….went skier’s right, aka TeH GnAr of Heavenly, which is pretty much dead center in this photo:

View from the top of skier’s right of Gate B….nice wind-packed snow and a long pitch for Tahoe…I was happy

View of "The Y" in Mott Canyon…another damn fine north facing slope:

I took a couple laps in Killebrew and Motts…stuck to the north facing aspects, which was pretty good, but had an ice-layer towards the bottom of these runs. The last lap in Motts, I rolled into the "Cliff Area" section by Ernies…skied down to the narrows…slayed some Granite and found some nice winter snow underneath before it turned to the ice layer as I neared the bottom of the chair.

Good day…

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