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Ski resorts are open – 12/12/04

So everyone on the west coast knows that we’ve had some warm temps on the tail-end of the last storm. Me, Mrs. 666, with meetings with Greydon Clark, and Monster Dump rallied all over the Wood to find some entertainment.

We roll into the ever-shrinking space called the parking lot and see that the temp is reading 45 F..ummmmm…at 9:00 am.

First off, all the groomers were mid-winter packed powder except for the last few hundred feet of the mountain….so that was enjoyable and most surprising since I was expecting death-granular.

We soon ventured off over to the Wall where the snow wasn’t half bad….the temps never dipped below freezing which was good because the snow could still be pushed around in the shade. The steep turns off the top are finally skiable again. However, venturing deeper into the gnar, glazed-untracked met us with might and Mrs. 666 came close to signing the divorce papers right then and there….so we move on.

However, truth being said, I could still break through the crust and winter snow was buried underneath, so the more people that skied it, the better it got….I was treating it as more of a "protective layer."

Rolled over to 6 for most of the day as Monster Dump and I rolled into Ski School chute a couple times. I hit the gnar off of Oops with vigor because it of the glazed-untracked I was so much learning to love. Mrs. 666 and her new Gotamas seemed to like the north facing snow of lower Chamoix, and into lower Oops…so of course, I’m not going to argue with that.

At the end of the day Monster Dump, Mrs. 666 and I enjoyed a nice brewski in the sun on the patio…so yeah…it was worth it…and a good time.

…I wish I took more action shots…but I would have screwed those up anyway.

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