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Totally Tahoerific Mid-Summer Saturday – 08/13/05

Totally Tahoerific Mid-Summer Saturday – 08/13/05

[skiing related below]…trust me…[skiing related below/]

Date: August 13th, 2005

Location: South Lake Tahoe

Start time: 6:15 am

Music: Klute – Crosby

Its been a while since I produced a lengthy TR, so here it goes to add some stoke to the wonderful TGR Board in mid August…

Anyone not familar with Tahoe, you must understand that this lake gets ROUGH, so you have to get in the boat early. Venti Americano…Starbucks’s only drink that I’ll buy… go boatin’ with

666 trying "wakesurfing" for the first time….did someone say Mad Skillz? I thought not…but a nice pic with Tallac in the background.

Mrs. 666 getting up on her first try at wakeboarding……so proud.

Then my uncle SCREAMS past us in his new Cobalt….my ride is now officially unpimped.

Here is where I thought I saw Tahoe Tessie’s tail….it turned out to be a hair on my right contact…but I was scared shitless.

We tied up the boats in Emerald Bay, swam around, ate lunch…..then the Tahoe Gangstas showed up….

Then my cousin DJ Dave P, and I decided to make the most out of the day. Yes, we’re going fucking skiing……SNOW SKIING! Dave puts a gun to my head and forces me to hit up Staples on the way so he can grab 100 CD-Rs for $19, and copy all my cd’s on the way to the snow.

Dave and I had a total of 4 hours to get in some turns. I really wanted to hit up this face (that Vets, Divegirl, and Legoskier hit the same day) but I left my car key in the ski boat after I already packed the car…a 20 minute detour. So we decided on the "main" patch.

Ideally, since I through my crampons and axe in the car, I wanted to make a run for the lookers left chute in Moon Crescent…..but I didn’t have the time. To me, it looks 50/50 possible.

The aspens on the dirt road off of HWY 88 from Red Lake to Blue Lakes.

THE F’IN PATCH….after a 200 mile hike from the car to the snow, we decided to take a pre-run, and then build a jump (that you can never build and hit within 2 hours)

DJ DAVE P aka the Pimpin Frog…sunglassless stokage!

666 making the most out of the terrain….probably around 65 degrees.

…into a screaming right carve towards the dirt. The snow was actually pretty good since we were there so late in the day. You could just plow through the suncups and let them rip…..kinda suncupped corn.

Pete Tong laying down the "essential carve"…

Then airing over our "segway scooter of jumps"…I tried to hit that thing, but I could only max out at 8.1 feet. I recommend bringing a pre-made wooden mold and then fill it in with snow. Bottom line, spend more than an hour building and hitting a jump.

….This was the groomer section….

….the 9.3 foot air over the super lame jump….did someone say SICKTER?


Ever wonder what that pocket is for on your board shorts? To hold icy-cold, diet, non-alcoholic beverages so your hand doesn’t get cold, of course…..

…..nice way to end the day….Satan moves in and takes over the Earth with all his fiery glory…, wait…those are clouds.

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