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Big Jims Express Leaving the Station – 03/05/06


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Date: March 04, 2006

Location: The usual spot

Players: 666, Tyrone, SuPu, Capt. Ron, Shugs, Slim, Mrs. Slim, hop, Kush, AKA, Brooks, Arty50, Zippy, Jrosen32, Moment Skis Krew, Pentium, Splat, SteveR, Runethechamp….and others I’m probably forgetting.

Well, 7 feet of new snow in a couple days. Sessioned all the usual areas…everything is getting buried. Zippy and Jrosen32 let some dude get first tracks down Patrollman’s…"I’ve got dibs"….who beatered down the thing, in an emabarrassing disgrace. In return, Jrosen32 and Zippy wiz by Mr. Extreme….who’s face is now tomato red. Also in order, early Upper Cham to Heart Chute runs made the "to do" list. However, we didn’t take many pow pics due to the fact of the Saturday Effect (POW = Schralped in a couple runs.) Soon thereafter, Ty and I roll over to Kodak…and watch three dudes roll off skier’s right into flat avy-debris, searching for equipment and telling us to forget about it, so we roll skier’s left into buttery pow. Backside lap into Thunder Saddle to Danger Cliffs, but sadly they are now considered buried and boring.

**Just FYI, there are still some serious, nasty, blue-glacial ice on some pitches around the mountain from the earlier rain storms. I’ve never really seen anything like it at Kirkwood….completely unedgable, and very dangerous when skiing skiing pow, especially when it sneaks up on you. Be VERY CAUTIOUS on Norm’s Nose, Oops, and skier’s left of Waterfall.

Now, let’s see some pics….

Music: Dkay & DJ Lee – ‘New Day Rising’

Friday.…its snowing in the South Bay….its going to be a good day tomorrow:

Rolling into Hope Valley…the outside temp is scorchin’:

Carson Pass – looking caked…

Shugs decides to hit Upper Cham for the first time…

666 – off the skier’s right side of Upper Cham….

There’s still ice on some steep pitches….and here’s a patch…

666 gets a call from Zippy…"get over to the Heart now!!!!"….OK

Just a little choke to clear…

Runethechamp let’s them run out of the Heart…scrapes a little rock…

Slim’s says "I’m not going around"….first turn…

And finds his way just fine…good on ya’ Slim!

***no pic but at this point a dude loses a shoe after the choke up top and it gets spit out of the bottom air. With the crowd yelling "Better Off Dead" quotes, the dude points it on one ski…and sticks the landing!!! FKNA…

Hop shows the uncanny ability of the Pontoons…

666 on Kodak:

***The aircraft is now departing****

We get a call from AKA saying that we need to meet at the top of Big Jims. The rumor mill says that Kush has hit it already and is looking for seconds. Tyrone and I roll up and it just looks too perfect, and before we can even put a pole strap on, Kush says "Fuck it, dropping…"

Kush from another camera’s POV;

666 skates for speed…but barely gets enough to roll off at his "ideal speed."

666 on Jims…

Emulation of a cat being thrown out of an office building ensues, but hits the landing with no impact at all….

Now for Mr. Tyrone….aka Watch HowCleanICanDoThis….


After the huck session, we split apart….hop, Kush, AKA and company roll into a tiny straightline immediate skier’s left of Upper Cham…

AKA hardridin’…

…"I’m not going to loose my LINES…I’m just not damnit"

After one Newcastle….Zippy and I decide it would be super sexy to jump into Lake Tahoe to cool off. Unfortunately…we had to run through about a foot of powder, then break through some ice by the shore (which doesn’t cut your feet does it?,) jump in, and then repeat back to the house. Dumb. Wait….really dumb.

Date: March 5th, 2006

Where: Kirkwood Wind Tunnel

Winds are K I C K I N’…they have 6 and 10 open at limited speeds and for good measure. We were planning on hitting the BC today, but with these winds, we knew it would be a "NO GO." Oh well….can’t really control the weather

Zippy’s buddy on top of Chair 5….

Mrs. 666 under the Sisters….windbuffed pow.

Once is Enough and Hospital Air in the distance.

Hop gets caught using technology….BUSTED!

Supu at Bubs…..

Currently pouring rain in SF as I type….will this TR continue???????

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