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Ho Ho Ho…Need Mo’ Snow in Tahoe – 12/25/06

December 24-25th, 2006 – Christmas 2006 – Lake Tahoe!

*We need snow.

**Lots of it.

Kirkwood – They’ve opened the entire mountain….meaning all lifts (all acreage except Eagle Bowl/Norms Nose/Wagon Wheel from chair 6.) Actually, I’ve never seen the backside open with this amount of snowpack, but you’ve got to give them credit for doing so.

They opened the backside on Christmas Eve. Slim, Shugs, Mrs. 666, and I took a few pow laps in Thunder Saddle, but you’re basically skiing light on the feet. Groomers were nice, and the skied out off-piste was mostly mid-winter packed powder. The variable snow exists on exposed ridges and untracked areas in Thunder Saddle, the Wall, and in Oops and the Palisades.

Stevens Peak off of Hwy 88:

Elephants and Carson Pass….

Shugs carving on Zachs…

Monte’s and Fingers – top ridge not open

Cirque – we need snow guns in there!

Mrs. 666 in Thunder Saddle – not too bad aye?

Shugs gets a pow turn…

….into a pow-manual

Shugs getting some more in Thunder Saddle…

Chair 4 Patrol with gardening clippers on the piste…


Slim on lower vista…

Mr. Extreme in Vista…

…ditto…fun line in the early season

….some fresh underneath


Slim and I headed to the Palisades for some AMAZING snow!

We rallied the boundary line for some decent pow…


2 pm arrival – work off some xmas calories. Hmmm…I thought a storm was brewing?

Ahhhh…cute doggie

Mrs. 666 above Chair 5…


Nice view to the west…the storm?

Shugs on the Wall…

The Wall skied really well. Wind was blowing in snow from the ridge above which made it a pleasant ride back to the bar.


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