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Sickday Sessions Vol. III – KW 02/28/07

Kirkwood, Inbounds Northern California

SkI3rS who filed TPS reports from the chairlift:

666, AKA, JMetzler, Skimoore, Clack, Slim, Lph, Runethechamp, hop, and skiin’Ian, and others.


666, JMetzler, skimoore (he’s horrible), Lph, Slim (needs a new camera) and maybe hop


O’s F to 24 F – cold for Tahoe. Flat light, medium winds, 20 minutes of sunshine, and 5-6 inches of accumulation during the day.


Hail in SF, snow at 1,000 ft, unplowed roads, 15 ft of new, and cold temps equate to some quality times being so sick that one cannot make it into work.

Hop called just as we hit Hwy 24, and told him just to meet us up at Kirkwood. Literally just off the boat from Guam, you can see his bloggage of the day in this thread:

MUSIC: Busdriver – ‘Kill Your Employer’

Hail Storm in SF….super rare, no reserve

Winter in Nor Cal….away from the mountains. We mow our lawns all year long here, which, is kinda weird aye?

Spraywashing the Tenderloin…

Cheap gas…fill er up’

Hit the gas….AND then the brake

Highway freshies…

Walkway to Kirkwood Lodging. JMetzler, our host, brings us to the faceshots…

"Hmmm…I think I have the key"

Snow is so retro….

Morning coffee stoke….

Before this shot, he called in sick.

And so did JMetzler…

666 – after a fun line…

Even Runethechamp took the liberty to fall back on some projects…

Why not? ArmpitD33P!

Slim gets naughty on his Blackberry…."I’m sick"

Runethechamp takes flight…

Patrol was nice enough to give us first dibbies on Eagle Bowl…Clack on his first day of the season.

Well, can’t say he didn’t pick a nice one!

Untracked is kinda fun…

Its so cold when it hits your face…

Fourth Chair on the backside…but not to ski that, no way!

Cool….’its like a wave man’

Slim point its…..Near Hells.

And then finds the white room….

Random boarder finds some fluffy fluffness….

Slim, lower cirque private field…


C l A c K, with a powder fever, in the 20 minutes of sunshine…

Yep, he’s got the sickness….

666 goes for flat landing madness…

Clack and I sailed off of Danger the following run, but cameras were not allowed…sorry.

AKA giving us the moustache without the finger….

How the hell am I supposed to name these guys?

Ummm – hello?

Ty? You in there?

666 powder skiing…

Skiin’Ian….citrus air

A Powder Skier…

We took 4 laps from 2 pm to 4 pm in Outer Palisades…this is why:

Finally, the Spur is looking like the Spur again….

Storm finally clearing out…

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