Slay The Gnar

Documentary of Casey Cane

Sidewall Slough over Bluetooth Rough to Gorgeous NorCal Stuff – 04/15/07


April 14th-15th, 2007


Northern California – weekend edition

Deep Pow Slayers and Ocean Gazers:

666, Slim, Supu, Tyrone, hop and a few firm groomers w/ Turx/Cindy and the 30 other people who decided to slay the gnar at KW on this day.


Arrival at Kirkwood on Saturday morning brought the first snowflakes. Of course, this meant that we had some time to slay the ICE before it got covered.

Temps ranged from 41 F at Hope Valley at 8:30 am to 27 F by Silver Lake at 4:00 pm. Snow, cold, and wind decided to make a strong showing during the day. Snow down to 5,000 ft, and cars sliding off HWY 88.


An utterly MASSIVE snow system PUMMELED the Sierra Nevada range of CA on Saturday.

*edit – not really.

MUSIC: Dillinja – ‘The Angels Fell’

Hope Valley – no snow, and 41 F!!!!! Totally Awesome!

Looks better on the north facing aspects as shown by Carson Pass & Elephants:

Carson Pass Sno-Park…missing something…….?

Our yearly end of April jaunt to Moon Crescent may be a little EXTREME this year…

At least it still looks winterish up there aye?

What’s this white stuff?

Supu, Caltrans hop, and Captain Xmas Slim…

Hop and Ty look for dry-dock opportunities…

Ty on Lower Norms…SICKNESS!

Supu gets into the DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!

This is what covered the mountain…..GNARLY FUN!

These are prime Supu PHOTOSLUT conditions…

OMG! He’s an AMAZING deep powder skier…

He makes skiing ‘dust on crust’ look enjoyable…

HOP MAKES A TELE POW TURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slim decorates some trees…

Ty ties on some ‘sugar on concrete’…..

The determination, the dedication, TO THE SCHMEAR!

666 finds NECK DEEP!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

Ty gets scenic….

Low angle schmear campaign….

Hop directs traffic during construction……

Seriously, its getting ridiculously deep. About 2 inches at this point!

Ty scrapes some blower and launches into oblivion….

Kirkwood gourmet anyone?

Hop looks into Ski School….’looks like November’ he says.


Edge of the storm, hail and bittorrent madness…..

Central valley greenery…..

Westward we go….the Delta we cross!

Tunnels abound….

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