Slay The Gnar

Documentary of Casey Cane

Without Darkness There is No Light, NZ – 08/25/07

Darkened Daylight:

August 25th, 2007

Layer of Earth’s Core:

Remarkables & Coronet Peak, New Zealand

Human Experiments:

666, Woody, NZphotoslave, Tuk, Mulled Wine, and kiwi kids.


Fine afternoon at Remarks, to Katrina style winds at Coronet

Today’s Gospel:

Concrete wind buffed pockets

Indie Electronica:

UNKLE – "Burn my shadow"

Obligatory Turxski shot…

Mmmmmmm Panama Esmeralda!

Which goes quite well with anything in here….

Human garbage disposal…

Hasn’t snowed in a while so the road is getting a bit scratchy…

Typical Kiwi Freeskier…

…complete with hat-free steeze….Gollum?

Good vert and smooth snow was the name of the day….

….especially when you have a private driver to take you to your next Lord of the Rings tour

OMG! Way Rad!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee e!

"This is going to be deep mate"

…."these are the days dreams are made of mate"

Tussok carve to driver pickup to next adventure…

…and Darkness Awaits

Night Goggles? Check. Skinny skis? Check. Mulled Wine? Check. After Every Run? Check.

Such a nice view….too bad its disappearing fast.

Hurricane winds at the summit provided some sick powder pockets between the ice moguls…


…to a snow fence SlaSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!

Packed Powder Carvenesssssssssssss!

….even the kiwi kids drink mulled wine with whipped cream…

Mmmmmmm….its cold out there.

However, that kid got so f-in wasted that he stole a cafeteria tray and headed outside for madness.

Its getting DARK!

I think we need more wine…

Boiling up magma in the distance…

Night Panda night carve…..

Woody sees someone representing his roots….

Now we’re getting trippy….

I think we need more wine….

Evil chair….

This kid was arrested at the bottom and sent to the drunk tank…

The night bump lines in here were just outstanding….maybe it was the wine? Not really sure.

Moment Carvenation Rulez….

The storm is now just DUMPING!

Snow machine night slap…..

Tuk gets into the action….night carve pimp daddy!

Time to stop with the mulled wine…..

Nzphotomulledwine gets the shot of the night

Oh YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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