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A Kiwi makes a Tahoe photoblog – 03/31/06

A Kiwi makes a Tahoe photoblog – 03/31/06

Woody from NZ was on the mainland.

He brought his D-SLR.

I was not allowed to post…he threatened my life.

Via international SMS, permission was granted at the end of July 06.

Date: Sometime in late March.

Locations: Alpine Ghettos, and a place called Kirkwood.

Players: 666, Mrs. 666, Charles Anderson, and Woody.

Conditions: Flatlight pow at Alpine to sunny pow at Kirkwood.

Music: Skream – Blipstream

Alpine Dreadows….about 8 inches new but skied like 12. 666 in Sherwood Cliffs:

666 near Promised Land…

Young Kiwi Charlie, he’s such a tweaker…

Charlie in Sherwood Cliffs looking for a tree…but missed it.

666 in yes, you guessed it…Sherwood Cliffs:

666 Alpine OB off of Scott chair…

Kirkwood – Sunny Powduuuurrrr day. 666 in Palisades:

Mrs. 666 gets some….

Is it me or is that a smile?

666 in lower Palisades. I wonder what this face looked like 5 mins later?

Mrs. 666 admiring her tracks…

Freshly-groomed-tip-drag steeze….

YAY to middle of Summer Alpine Meadows TR’s!!!!