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Aggro April Alpinin’ @ Squaw to Junior June Slayage @ Donner – 06/12/11



April 8th, 2011 – June 12th, 2011

Location: SF, San Diego, Squaw and Donner Ski Ranch…California

Weather: Mixed…sun, rain, snow, cold right through this TR


Skier666, Unpossible, Abominable Snowman, and little 6’er


666, Unpossible, & Abominable Snowman

POV VIDEO – Aggro April Alpinin’ @ Squaw to Junior June Slayage @ Donner

Music: LOL – ‘Trophy Wife’


Even as the 6’er family needed to take a VACAY from the mountains while we patiently waited for the arrival of our next ball of terror, the storms kept coming. No, not warm storms, Alaskan low-pressure-popcorn-cloud storms wouldn’t stop. So what does a family do? That’s right…go to San Diego where its just as warm as SF!

Soon thereafter, the 6’er lucks out on a rippin’ last day at Squaw in mid-April. But of course, this skier could not avoid the endless news coverage of the record snowfall. Week after week it continued to snow. The bonus? Well, a longer ski season of course!

After the arrival of a healthy baby girl, father and son decided to rip up the last front side day of Donner Ski Ranch. Perfect day after a stressful 2 months!

Java Porn: Diet Rock Star and PB&J treat

April 8th, 2011…Ahhhh, Springtime!:

Are we skiing or is it the San Diego Zoo?

Two caged animals….

Coronado birdlife….

A hotel and beach near Mexico…

Full of gold…

Time to take the 2 year olds to a Padres Game…we lasted about 17mins.

While watching cartoons with a full house of crazy kids, I noticed this…

Time to get extreme at the rental…

Great crisp weather….yes I believe it was snowing down to 1000ft just up North.

Red bucket…

One tip…a small ‘rental’ speed boat is a little sketchy on the Bay at 4pm…

Back in SF, S.P.C and I go see Breakage and Goth Trad mix up some darkne55…

April 16th, 2011

Tunnels mean skiing!

There she is….!

Mmmm….winterized groomers.

Here’s an area at Squaw that requires hiking…a real backcountry experience.

Looking super smooth to me…


Southern Pride…


…with a hole on the exit

So smoooooooooth!

Unpossible makes an appearance…

Time for Silverado laps!

We ventured into the newest gate in Silvy, although the highest traverse was off-limits, there is some nice consistent pitches and granite to leap off out there….

Making the most out of the new zone…

Coverage is….good!

Time to slay some sketchy snow…

Definitely better in the sun…

Fun can be had…


Time to play in and around the Nose…

Always a good call….

And then traverse into the Fingers…

No moguls in outrun = awesome day!

Back on the Palisades….6’er lines up on Main Chute

Through the magic of technology, this is what it looked like…..

Will he make it?

Don’t fall in bro….

Such a ‘daredevil’….

Time for a break…

Skiing in wetsuits, the new rage…

After some sugar and alcohol…..

6’er gets some courage….

A familiar line….

And then a little base grinding in Rock Garden….

And we are back!

The Death of April:

At least the Farmer’s Market has a view…

The kids take us for a spin on their 747…

Easter happens….

Snow continues at Squaw the week our child is born in the 3rd week of May…

Baby is almost here….and this is Sugar Bowl!

Palisades looking buffed out….

Our Amazon order for a baby girl came as scheduled….and no sales tax!

We took our new boat to the beach…

Had a warm beach day in Stinson….

Post-baby and back to work…yippie for me!


Rooftop party in NobHill?

A little run…

Wow is that a ‘JUNUARY’ STORM from AK?

Snow returns to Tahoe….Kirkwood…

Fingers….in June?

June 12th, 2011:

Unpossible, 666, and little 6’er head to Donner Ski Ranch!

I think we’ll have cell coverage….

A view of a lake called Donner…

Sugar Bowl looking DEEP!

Team Extreme!

Time to SLAY!

‘I can do this’

All to ourselves….

Yep, a Piston Bully! ROAR!

Chair 2? No problem.

After spending $5 from his piggy bank to ride for the day, he mandated speed runs….

‘That’s right, ring me up for 3, yes 3 Drinks!’

Chair 2 in the afternoon…not bad for June 12th.

‘Dig in those edges!!!!!’

Yup, I killed that run….

This one is for the fans…

Donner, thanks for being open!

First Place!

What’s the brown stuff? Is Summer actually arriving?????