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And so the snow sliding continues…. – 04/22/06

Here’s another quick photoblog of the surprisingly wicked day on Saturday, the 22nd of April. Pouring rain and lightning led to a torrential hail downpour while driving up through the foothills on Friday evening. The temp was warm…didn’t even consider to be skiing any considerable freshness in the morning. Woke up to mostly bluebird and ready to ride on whatever we found when we got there, whether its rain soaked slush, or dust on crust. In any case, I was able to make the hanging snowfield traverse into the Slash Chute in Thunderbowl. Too bad it was in the fog….

Music: Break – ‘Locked out’

DJ Friction – Essential Mix

Met up and skied with TJ Burk, Corky, Mrs. Corky (I presume), Dwanis, Kush, Shugs, Pimpin Frog, Sis de 666, Stu, Eb and friend. Here’s how the day panned out:

We notice that the Wall is turning before 9 am, a guy in an orange coat is a few chairs up, its bluebird, and NOBODY IS AROUND!

Super crowded…

It turns out that it snowed about 4-6" the night before and buffed everything out. The spring snow underneath didn’t even have a chance to freeze, so it skied much deeper. Kush screamin’ down his first run down the Wall…

666’s view of his first lap….

Shugs makes a run for it…..

Pimpin’ Frog loves the PoWd3R!

Shugs show’s the skiers how its done…

Lap #2….super tracked out:

Pimpin’ Frog tries to emulate DARON RALVES!!!!!


Corky lines it up….

Hey Kush…those don’t look like Powder8’s

Such a waste….you could have made soooooo many more turns…

Pimpin’ Frog LAYS a completely untracked face next to Waterfall…

Kush doubles-it-up in a "somewhat filled-in" Waterfall area…(but I prefer the bombhole in the upper looker’s left corner)

So we use the "only at Kirkwood" phase too much. But hey, old school TAB being sold by the Patrol? Now that’s ghetto steeze.

We ventured over to West Shore to give a tour to Corky, Dwanis, etc. I kind of wanted to hit California Chutes, shown below….

But this dude made it priority #1 on this day and beat us to it…

Not too bad if you ask me…can’t really blame his milkage:

Corky REPRAZENT in West Shore…snow balls were falling all over this face…

Kush graces us for a few turns….

Mrs. Corky enjoying the consistent pitch…

Can you believe the layer of icing on this thing?

Kush on a roll-over in the "bottom of 4 BC"…

At this point the snow was starting to turn to SUPER MANK. Therefore, we decided to take Corky and Dwanis out to some untracked in Thunder Bowl. Of course, the weather and FOG immediately moves in as we reach the summit. On the summit we meet Eb and friend, loving the vertigo as much as us. Kush makes an attempt of V-tree when the light gets…..IDEAL???

I decided to ski a first descent for myself…looker’s upper right-hand corner, there is a patch of snow above the exposure. I skied the patch in the worst snow imaginable….Hollow Slush that hasn’t been touched all year….not to mention the cloud that I was skiing it in.

Made it back into the chute…

Corky orders a 7-up Slurpee for the ride down…

Pimpin Frog and I decide to lap another Oops run before we take off. A quick lap through Patrolmens in a blizzard, down through Oops and over to the big rock on Dan’s cliffs, we call it a day.

I really cannot believe it still is snowing up there. Only one week left of lift-served access, and it continues to pile up.

Here’s a shot of the Spur when we left.


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